SECTION 1. Section 42135 is added to the Education Code, to read:


 (a) An employment contract executed or renewed on or after January 1, 2015, between a local educational agency and a district or county superintendent of schools may include a loan for the purchase of a home only if both of the following conditions are satisfied:
(1) The employee is relocating to an area with a high cost of housing, and the school board makes a public finding to that effect.
(2) The loan agreement contains a provision that, if employment is terminated by either the employer or the employee, the unpaid balance of the loan may be recovered by the local educational agency within a reasonable period of time.
(b) Before executing or renewing an employment contract between a school district and a district superintendent of schools, the governing board of the school district shall review the proposed contract, including each contract term and the value of each element of compensation, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the governing board. Each compensation term and its value shall be listed in the agenda for the meeting in accordance with Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 54950) of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the Government Code. The portion of the meeting that is open to the public shall include public discussion and comment on each element of the proposed contract. If all elements of compensation in the proposed contract are not listed in the agenda, as specified in this subdivision, the employment contract shall be void.
(c) The Legislature encourages the governing board of the school district to make a public finding that the employment contract, including each element of compensation, is reasonable in comparison to similar school districts in the state.

SEC. 2. Section 42143 is added to the Education Code, to read:


(a) If a school district or county office of education maintains an Internet Web site, it shall post the annual expenditures for its activities in a clear, visible, and searchable format that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) The cost of instruction.
(2) The salary schedule for certificated employees.
(3) The salary schedule for classified employees.
(4) The total amount of expenditures.
(5) The expenditure per unit of average daily attendance, and a comparison of that number to the statewide average for all school districts.
(b) The school district or county office of education shall annually update the information required pursuant to this section, and shall include a link on its Internet Web site to the school district’s or county office of education’s profile on Ed-Data.

SEC. 4.SEC. 3. Section 53234 of the Government Code is amended to read:53234.

 For the  purposes of this article, the following terms have the following meanings:
(a) “Legislative body” has the same meaning as specified in Section 54952.
(b) “Local agency” means a city, county, city and county, charter city, charter county, charter city and county, county office of education, school district,  or special district.
(c) “Local agency official” means the following:
(1) Any member of a local agency legislative body or any elected local agency official who receives any type of compensation, salary, or stipend or reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of official duties.
(2) Any employee designated by a local agency governing body to receive the training specified under this article.
(d) “Ethics laws” include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) Laws relating to personal financial gain by public servants, including, but not limited to, laws prohibiting bribery and conflict-of-interest laws.
(2) Laws relating to claiming perquisites of office, including, but not limited to, gift and travel restrictions, prohibitions against the use of public resources for personal or political purposes, prohibitions against gifts of public funds, mass mailing restrictions, and prohibitions against acceptance of free or discounted transportation by transportation companies.
(3) Government transparency laws, including, but not limited to, financial interest disclosure requirements and open government laws.
(4) Laws relating to fair processes, including, but not limited to, common law bias prohibitions, due process requirements, incompatible offices, competitive bidding requirements for public contracts, and disqualification from participating in decisions affecting family members.

Did you know we have a New Superintendent?

I don’t know what happened. I was at the last board meeting in December, where the 2 new Board members O’Brien and Garcia were sworn in. I actually went up and spoke about the superintendent search being made public to protect ourselves. Then I spoke about the fact that our Board let Corona go on a convention after she was no longer a Board member, but she was allowed to stay at a Luxury hotel with rooms no less then $500 a night. I’m not sure but I haven’t seen Corona come to any meeting and add information she learned from that convention or any other convention for that matter. It’s against the law, and Corona should have to pay the district back. (I am requesting those credit card statements, when I get them I will post them, 10 days usually)

Well I had to leave the 12/14/16 meeting a little early. Well, around 12:30 a.m. the Board selected and swore in Randall Bassett as our new Superintendent. There was no mention on the agenda of this happening. It’s crazy to me that the Board of Education, who is supposed to be the voice of the community and is supposed to act accordingly, makes all these decisions secretly and without the opinion of the community. Why is it a secret? Now once again you have the majority of the school district employees, upset and more discouraged. What is wrong with this board? Not one of them have kids currently in Fontana school district. Now that only bothers me because their actions are without concern of all the rest of us who have kids who go to school in Fontana.

This is beginning to be a reoccurring nightmare. The Board of Education does what they want with no regard for our community. I believe they have their own agenda, That seems to have less and less to do with the students best interest and instead its in the Boards personal best interest that are being met.

Please we are never going to correct the situation if parents(especially) don’t come and stand together to let them know this is NOT ok!!! If we don’t stand up for our kids now, we our letting them ruin our children’s education which in turn will ruin their lives. And yes shame on the Board, but an even bigger SHAME ON US AS PARENTS for standing by allowing it to happen and not saying anything. YES it is that serious, its our childrens future!! ALL OF OUR CHILDREN, REGARDLESS OF COLOR OR RELIGION OR AGE. THEY ARE ALL GETTING SCREWD.


New Board Members

We have 2 new board members. I stopped Peter Garcia after a meeting in October. I wanted to know who he was and what he was about. He was very friendly and answered my questions. He seemed to be a very calm, mellow attitude type of person. Now remember these are just my first impressions. I know that the Mayor did approach Peter as a good candidate for the Board. Making sure we had opposition to Chavez and Corona. Peter also commented that 1 of the first things he would change would be the 3 min public comment back to 5. He said that was a no brainer, easy fix. That’s what the community wants. Sounds like maybe someone who will listen, so off to a good start.

Then the next new Board member Jason O’Brien, I never met him. I did see 1 sign in No Fontana off the 210. Jason did not show up to the debate(which I find out why later). My impression was that he knew he would win so why bother. Remember just my impression. So I went to his Facebook page to maybe find out who he is. I saw a meet and greet to introduce him and an Ontario city council. it would cost $10 to meet him. I thought why wouldn’t he want to be introduced to the city he was elected to? How come we did not get invited? So I asked those questions to Jason in his comments. Well Jason himself never responded. But Shannon O’Brien his wife did. Shannon was actually a board member in 2013 taking over a recalled spot. I also commented to reaching out to Shannon in 2013. Shannon’s response was that Jason exercised his right not to attend a debate that was union sponsored and where they already decided their endorsement of candidates.. I felt he was saying because there was no opportunity for endorsement, he felt it was of no use to go. Shannon also referred to the debate as walking into the “lions den”.  And basically said your not smart if you didn’t vote for Jason. Wow. I also was questioning the fact that Jason and Shannon make a living from a nonprofit that contracts with school districts and an interpreting service which also contracts with school districts. I asked if there was a conflict of interest there. Next thing I know now a friend of Shannon has started to comment/mildly attack me. Shannon also asked me to forward my email from 2013 to her, because she is sure she responded to her emails. So I did, and although she claimed there was no original date, there was of 10-20-13.

Obrien(the letter I sent her)



Wow, thats the response I would have gotten. its because people like this that we have so many problems. They just overlook whats happening and tell me to move schools. very disapointing. Well good thing I didnt give up. Because the Principal and secretary are gone and so is Boozer. So I think I will continue to fight for the kids!!!!!!

Privitization of our schools.

Just because the election is over, it doesn’t mean the fight is over. Our schools are far from being safe. I don’t know if you realize it or ever even had a reason to think about it before, because I sure didn’t . Our school district is the q7th largest. 39,000 students, a new budgeting system, with alot of money sent to FUSD because not only are we big, we have a large number of English learners and foster youth as well as low income. Which in turn means alot of money for the taking. Each student is worth $8-11,000 depending who you ask. (over 600 million last year). If you are also aware, all our schools belong to us. Meaning we do not have charter schools. That means all the money gets decided by the district what school gets what. Its a good thing if we have good admin. But that means we are a target. School budget from state is the biggest chunk of guaranteed budget. As we found out in this last election, Charter school advocates had endorsed and donated to Corona and Chavez in their campaign. The Charter advocates only endorse people they can confirm share their beliefs. Also they are very close with Cheryl Brown, who 1 voted FOR sex offenders allowed on campus. 2ndly when I reached out to her office and discussed the issues, they directed me to a “grassroots”. Well because I trust no one, after doing  some research,  found out they promote charter schools. The easiest way to get our schools is to use us against ourselfs. We are already upset with schools, so they make you see it their way, perfect and smart. But far from it. Heres a couple articles you should read.

Pulling the Parent Trigger: The Push to Privatize Public Schools

Why the movement to privatize public education is a very bad idea

Feature: Charter school groups spending big in California legislative races | 89.3 KPCC


Must Be Scared. Scared of the Truth…

I only write about, my experiences. Ive been told I spread mis information. My response to that is,

Its not misinformation, its the true account of whats happened to me. Its not hearsay or assumption (if I assume something, I’ll tell you). I am just putting out there how broken our district is. I started this journey as just, “I want to pop popcorn for the kids”.  I was fighting to continue to engage the kids, because the secretary didn’t want to do her job.  I was also starting to learn in school site council, the secretary and her friend decided everything, the principal was being fooled also, because he trusted the secretary. But then he got to where he allowed it. The more I realized, the harder they tried to stop me. The thing about it was, the more they tried to stop me, the more it actually fueled me. I didn’t understand why? If Im doing something, getting such positive results ( attendance was higher then it had been, and dropped since I stopped),Teachers, students and parents were happy, why is it ok for the secretary to stop that?

I spoke with the principal, but when he chose to allow the secretary and her friend, misuse funds, hide all balls from students, steal pta mail, lie to parents and create a position through their control of school site council, to basically do her job because she didnt, I went to the district.

Districts initial response was to go after the Teachers who I volunteered for..?.. Seriously, it made no sense to me. So after I filed a complaint, I faced major retaliation at school. So after I filed another complaint, Mr Duenas called me and we had, I thought a positive conversation. (He was actually an old principal of our school. So I thought he would care).  What Mr Duenas did, was call the principal and tell him to go after PTA financials. So after a meeting, that pta informed principal Ive been audited and no problems, Mr Duenas next direction to principal was, disbar PTA. Wow. I told him I would step back allow someone else to run it, asked him not to punish the kids. But the kids did not matter to any of these people. Trying to shut me up was more important.

It was upsetting to me the representation of PTA in our area. At least the leaders of district and county, show poor representation. No disrespect to all the wonderful hard hard working pta members. But they are supposed to advocate for the kids, these woman told me to stop, let it go, leave it alone. It was very upsetting.

The journey just kept continuing, every step I couldn’t believe the lack of care, when it came to what was allowed that negatively affected the school and students.  2 years in, major fraud, principal and secretary quit as I got more and more PROOF. Yes I said PROOF!! Apparently proof doesnt matter.

Ive sent numerous emails over this time to all the Board and district. Dept of education. Ive spoke with several district employees. Ive met with, mr Bassett, Mr wong, Boozer, Mrs P Brown, and Mr Lightle. Every time leaving more beside myself then the last.

Mr Lightle is the only person that has ever done anything to correct something that was negatively affecting the kids. He is the one that came in and made them give the balls to the kids something simple as that. Nobody else cared. He did. There were several Injustice he corrected. He is the only one at the district that has actually done something.

But even with him it came to a point where he couldn’t help because his hands were tied by the district and all he could come in and do was explain the district’s truth to me. At that point I explained to him that I wasn’t done with my fight please don’t take it offensively because there’s nothing more he can help me with.

It’s been three years since I started this journey it started out as something so simple but his turned into a major dysfunction all the way to the top. I never started out to be where I am today I never even thought anything past disagreeing with the principal. But every step of the way another step was laid down in front of me. All I see is so many people that control the most important thing in the world but have no real care concern to take care of it. These people truly are in it for the money and not for the kids. I wish I could show everybody through my eyes what I have seen so they would understand that I’m not miss informing people that these Heroes to some people are failures for our students.

These people know the system they know the process they know how to follow the process perfectly and make it impossible for us to get the help that we need to stop them. Because how is it I’m  just someone out to do good things to help all the kids, when I go to tell my story reaching out for help I get attacked by people telling me that I’m wrong. If they cared about the kids they would be contacting me with concern asking how can they help me to fix it. It’s usually the people that aren’t at the schools with the kids making bad decisions. Because when you’re at the school with the kids you’d see what was going on and would know what I’m saying is true. I always said I’m doing this for the students and the teachers if ever one of them tell me that I’m wrong or I need to stop I will. But that hasn’t been the case. I’ve even been attacked by our board members because of the other board members responding to my emails.

I have been beside myself so many times through this whole journey. I can’t believe that so many people who affect education are doing so many bad things. I started out with what I thought was a small conflict at our school and has turned into major fraud and dysfunction at the district and now even all the way up to the Board. I completely understand why we are in the shape we are in now after seeing it all first hand. And then when trying to get things fixed, like harassment, retaliation, misuse of funds at school level, misuse of funds at district level and so many negatives affecting the school. And then when trying to get help from the people who could help, I realize how much those people are in it entirely for the money, not the students. The district will allow any thing as long as it could continue to collect their checks, promotions and raises. What happened to all the people who care about the students and their future, oh yeah the district chased then all away. There are so many more details to this journey. I didn’t want to drag it out. But if you want to know more details about any of it, let me know I will be glad to share.

The Board really blew it this time!!

A lawsuit filed regarding the civil rights of sex offenders. Not to say I told you so, but I stood up at the podium and said exactly that. I said they were lying to us because they cant go against Ca laws which supersedes all policies. What they should of done was informed everyone of correct information. Also told us how to change the law and how they would be behind us fighting. Instead it just proves how uneducated they are and why they should not be in charge of our kids education. But let me remind you, this is not the only time. They do this all the time, this time more people were paying attention, that’s all

I commented on their Facebook pages this

…maybe if you would listen to the community, who said this would be a civil rights issue. Oh I believe I said that at the podium 8-14. but you all are so above everyone you think, well now the proof is there. And the lawyer who gets paid all that money to be clueless and not stop you guys from going against Ca law. I told you guys for free but Im just a parent so you didn’t listen. Now this is something you can actually take credit for accomplishing.

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Our district is broken, anyone who doesnt want to admit that, your doing a dis service to all our children in Fontana. I have volunteered for many years. I have seen good times when my daughter was at Live Oak she had 22-24 kids in her class, Teachers aides and the Teachers would recieve a couple thousand a year for their classsrooms. Wow imagine those days far from the $200 a year that they have to fight for now.
Explain to me how we got here? How do we get away from here?
LISTEN– thats where it starts. I know that I don’t know whats best for everyschool, but I know what mine needs. I am sure there are parents and Teachers at every school that could tell you what their school needs. But NO ONE LISTENS. Thats unfortunate!! Its hard to hear everyone keep saying no one knows how to fix education. Its because these same people don’t LISTEN.
Contrary to what many of you might think (the wall of people in front of Chavez, Corona and Sandoval) My journey started 3 years ago. I didn’t come to the Board meetings to be a political game piece for any of them. But see people don’t even listen to that.
3 years ago I started noticing the kids were so disrespectful and mean to eachother, board and miserable. I was ASKED to be PTA Pres. so of course anything for the kids. I started out with a couple goals, to get the kids excited about school again so they would be nicer to each other and their Teachers. Next, to help the Teachers by relieving some of their financial duties to their classrooms/ students, to go from a handful of kids knowing what PTA is, to all the kids knowing PTA and also to show the parents that this is their school also and they can be just involved even if they only spoke Spanish.
So off and running. I kept going back to – “what were the best things I remember from when I was in school” . Within the 1st 2 months, I had so much help from students and even parents, it fed me to go further. By the end of that year I had changed the atmosphere on campus, every kids down to preschool knew PTA, the 5/6 graders who were cussing and bullying and not listening to Teachers, were now my best helpers, leaders no longer bullying. I stayed after school everyday that year to keep a group of kids busy, who would have otherwise been swallowed up by our streets. I had parents coming up to me at the store, thanking me for the change I made in their child. Well all that did was drive me to do more. I let these kids be a part of PTA, meetings and all. They planned, set up and ran the festivals at our school. It might not of been perfect, but it was to them . Because of that more people came, to see them and what they created. Parents who would never step foot on campus before, were now coming to help serve nachos. One time I asked them to trade me sunny D labels for a prize(every 20 labels gets a teacher 20 free scholastic books) these kids brought me over 1000 in 3 weeks. In that I saw the capabilities. I got kids who wouldnt read to dress up as the bobcat and read to younger kids, because now they were leaders. Everyone was happy. Except the office.( I didnt realize that when the school was negative they didnt have to work, when it was all exciting, they had to work and they didnt want to)
I was hearing district say “Engage ” the kids, I was but they were trying to stop me. It was so confusing to me. It goes even deeper, but I will cover basics. I started with principal and went up to district. same time I am also being made aware of how these people controlled School Site council and the funding that the Teachers were not getting. So basically MR. Duenas- who came from Live Oak told the principal to disbar PTA to quite me. That didnt work. It just made me drive harder.
I met with Mr Bassett, Mr Wong, Superintendent, Mrs Brown, Tammy, Mr. Lightle( the only one who ever did anything for me or kids) The secretary, was hoarding balls because they didnt want to blow them up for the kids(out of their own mouth), thousands of dollars of supplies they hid and would only give to teachers they liked. I say they because secretary had her best friend, a mom who harassed people and is now hired as a substitue in our district, even after she stole mail and forged letters(district is fully aware). So as I fought against this, every step of the way the steps are broken and I have not yet met 1 person besides Mr Lightle that works at district, who actually cares and tried to help. I am blown away by how much money these people make because of our kids, but they care absolutley 0 about our kids, oh wait they care about their attendence. Because thats all that matters to get paid.
Through this journey for the kids started that year, I am here fighting still for things that I shouldnt have to. I am fighting with people who should be happy someone is paying attention and is willing to help.
My drive to fight comes from the kids. I seen a differance and I have been fighting for it ever since. But something is wrong with that, this is something I should not have to fight for. I have been treated like a criminal many times through this. something is wrong when I have to fight this hard to help the kids. But, I will not stop fighting for the Teachers and students!!