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September 2, 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

September 2, 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

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Please tell me why anytime anyone wants to reply to a comment I made it’s to correct such a minimal part of it. what about the bigger picture? What about the reason I’m putting these out here? To inform people of what’s really going on at our schools. Anybody that is for education or for the kids would want to correct the issues. Not correct something someone thinks I don’t know. But that’s so minimal compared to what the real issue is. Why doesn’t anybody want to correct that? Everybody just wants to comment, but nobody wants to help. It’s sad because there’s only 5 people that can do anything, and those people refuse to do anything. Except spend 2 hours in a special meeting for Robert’s Rules, costing our district money for having people there. Just to argue about how to run the meetings. Basically, what it looked like to me was, 3 of them were trying to find a way, when there was a disagreement, they could overpower the ones who disagreed. Because if that wasn’t the issue then adopt the hole Robert’s rules to run your meetings. But they don’t want to do that because sometimes it calls for a majority vote and a majority vote according to those rules are 4/1 not 3/2. So 3 of them didnt like that. So now we’re going to pay the lawyer and Bassett money to write up something. Basically pick and choose what rules they want to use to their advantage. Then come back and accept those rules. But the key thing is,  why do they get to pick and choose the rules?  Let someone else pick and choose the rules but no that wouldn’t work for the 3 members. According to three members the districts in perfect shape.  Doing perfectly fine. But, have those three members come to talk to any of our schools? Have they asked our schools?  Because I think we have a different opinion of what fine is apparently. It’s sad to think that people that could do something, won’t do nothing. I didn’t just start writing these blogs to attack people. I started writing these blogs to let people know what’s going on at our schools. Because the 5 people that can do something about it don’t do nothing about it. So I’ve chosen to take my voice out to the people and make everybody aware of what’s going on. Everything I’ve said has been proven to be true. I don’t just go out and tell people, I State the facts. Sorry I left out some facts, yes Basset raises were allowed, but you’re leaving out the facts that they weren’t supposed to be as high as they were. Everyone else was supposed to get 12.5.  Because that’s what the teachers got. I don’t think they were supposed to get 24% and Boozer even more than that. And what job did any of you work at where you got $60,000 more in 2 years, but can’t do your job correctly? He manages the budget and he’s done it for how many years over 12 13 14 years but yet he can’t get it correct? There’s something wrong with that. If you don’t think there’s something wrong with that,there’s something wrong with you!!


This was what I recieved yesterday & my response.


Mary Sandoval

Good evening Ms Galasso. Although your blogs are interesting reading pieces there are facts you leave out. When it comes to raises. The union’s negotiate their increases right? Well un or fortunately . That’s what happens to the rest of FUSD it’s called the”me too” clause. It’s written in the others contracts. Check it out if you don’t believe me. I look forward to speaking to out. If you need to , contact me so I can help you get the facts straight. If you need to write something about me Fontana Unified School District Vice President Mary Sandoval. Have a Blessed night. Send Hello’s to your family. I actually knew the Galasso family years back. See you Wednesday night!!


Good Morning, yes I am fully aware of “me too” claus. I said he doesnt deserve a raise, because he doesnt even do his job correctly. Also you are aware that the “me too” claus authorizes the “same” raise as everyone else. 12.5% over 3 years, I believe. It doesnt authorize a 9%, 10.5% & 4.5% raises. Thats 24%. And the other raises vary also. Just like I spoke with the retirement benefit company, and its illegal to roll over car allowance into thier salary. Being cut, means removed, no longer. See I dont just come in and complain for no reason, Ive been volunteering at my school for 14 yrs. Now theres a problem when our school is worse then it was in 2012, the LCAP list several items, that are unfunded. None of the school plans matches budget, and the requesitions dont match the budget. Did you know that last year Linda Wong lied to everyone about the student privacy laws. Saying we were waiting on lawyers to agree on contracts. That was also why she said we couldnt use A.R. at beginning of last year. But I called Renaissance Learning, and it was because district didnt pay the contract, no compliancy issues. And when I forwarded that info to the district, 2 days later we could use it. We didnt have it for 2 months before I called. Now this year same thing, district did not pay for contract. But I caught it early called and miraculously the problem is being corrected and within a couple days can access it. But before I called the Teachers were told, it would be a couple weeks. How come before Boozer, we never had this problem. From 1st day it was accessible. Do you know theres a law that requires the district to provide (not limited) basic supplies necessary to teach, pencils, paper, copies etc. to every classroom. Why do you think they keep talking about supply cabinets? Also bottled water has been eliminated from school, by law schools have to provide fresh drinking water all day, and those fountains do not qualify. My son is allergic to milk and now has no option, no water, no juice not even for purchase. Our school should spend over $200,000 on food, district information says we spend $28,000 for 2 meals a day for 640 students for a whole year. $200,000 was in LCAP for arts, I fought all year and 10 kids got 1 hour 4x the last month of school. Not nearly $200,000 for any elementary. I can go on and on. So maybe you should come talk to me, because I have all my facts, do you? Im not sure why everyone wants to fight the truth, who cares what happened yesterday, fix today. Just like approving $38000 for a search firm, and even knowing in Nov, we might have to start over, basically throwing away $38,000 and spending more? Are you kidding me, throw away money like its nothing, so many thing that money could buy. We have no ELD services from district like the law requires, we have a billingual aid that weve had forever, that helps about 5 kids out of our 96% hispanic kids. No ELD books , programs etc. The only things we have are the things Ive faught to get because LCAP claimed we were getting them. So providing laws to district, is only reason we got the couple things we did. They ignored a loose tether ball pole until kids knocked it down, it laid in middle of playground a day and a half until I called mr wong. But we get an AP and her parking space was painted for her before 1st day if school, are you kidding me? Paint the 4 square, or numbers on ground where they line up, instead of chalk. I’m on school site council, we dont get to make no real decisions, and what we agreed on was changed 3 days later without any of us made aware of changes. We were forced to give up Brenda Cardone after 15/16 years, hiring someonw else who hardly speaks understandably over the phone. Why, a power strugle. So we loose a huge resource, even though everyone else at school is fighting to keep her. (Parents & Teachers) But no one cares, no one steps in they just ignore it. The district hired as a substitute, someone who 2 years ago was stealing along with school secretary the pta mail, sent a certifide forged letter, bullied the hispanic pta president out of her position for last 2 years and is now made herself pta president again this year and does whatever she wants and the district allows her to sub at our school, you can verify this with Mr Wong. I had to fight just to be allowed to volunteer because our new principal was scared because the last principal quit and then the secretary, because she was breaking the law, so they both quit before they were fired because they knew it was a matter of time, not because district did what they were supposed to but because I reported them to the state. So they jumped ship. So go ahead and keep defending raises to people who do not do there job, who got a total of a $60,000 raise in 2 1/2 years, while our schools are hurting. Because personally being at ground zero, working with the kids, theres no way I could collect $202,000 with a clear concious. Like I said I can go on forever, with facts. So if your going to defend the raises could you explain the percentages, because Boozers raises where even higher percentages? So could you please answer all those questions?

Thank you

Brandi Galasso 


This site shows you where FUSD is spending money, how much and what its spent on for each school. According to FUSD.¤tYearAmount=cumulative¤tYearPeriod=years&graph=pie&legendSort=desc&proration=true&saved_view=10782&selectedDataSetIndex=&selection=FBB90D87358C3FCCC469DEA5E4BF7BC9&year=NaN&fiscal_start=earliest&fiscal_end=latest



Go to this site and look up your school. See what district is saying they give your school and how its spent.

An email to the district and board, mainly Bassett

Good morning,
Mr.Bassett can you tell me how much money Fusd recieved from Ab 39 the energy efficiency grant in 2012/13?
How was it used? What schools were energy upgraded? I am requesting this information per public records act ca gov code 6250-6276.48.
I am requesting it from you Mr Bassett because although you promoted yourself, this is something you are/were responsible for. Im not sure after as many years as you’ve worked at FUSD you cant balance the budget. Thats why Im not sure why you got a raise, when you dont do your job correctly? And now your leading our district. Unfortunate, since you have no teaching experience and you cant even do your job correctly. The school plans dont match the budgets, but thats ok with you right? How did you go from August 2013 making $160,000 to 2014 making $174,563 (a $14,563 / 9% raise) to then 2015 making $193,456 ( a $18,893 / 10.5 % raise) to this August now $202,000 ($8544 / 4.5% raise)? In the course of 2 years your salary has jumped $60,000. Wow, plus giving yourself raises counting the car allowance you all illegally rolled over into your salaries. All these raises for someone who doesn’t do their job correctly. You think because the “board ” approves these illegal acts that its ok, well its not. And just because Boozer is gone doesn’t mean its over either. One day you all will have to pay back the money you stole from our kids.
Legally your contracts are not valid under GC  53262, when approving your contracts a dollar amount listed with each section should be discussed. Its unfortunate that when Binks left, several people including your self should have been fired. this is not over yet.
I will be waiting for your response regarding the grant FUSD received under AB 39 and the reqs. that prove the implementation of it. within 10 days from today.
Thank you
Brandi Galasso
To the Board: These are the types of things that 3 out of 5 of you keep approving. why?

AUGUST 10th 2016 Board meeting

I went to the Aug 10th 2016 Board meeting and spoke about / against the superintendent search firm. This is what I said, it can also be watched on line at board meetings online.

I am here to talk about Agenda item 5.4. Superintendent search firm. Let me tell you why, my grandparents moved to Fontana back in the 40s to start Fontana steel, yes Fontana not Kaiser steel. When my uncle started school in Fontana he attended fojay but for high school was bussed to Chaffey, until Fohi was built his senior year, where he graduated. later my parents, aunts & uncles as well as myself graduated from Fohi. I have marched in many parades wearing Alder and Fohi uniforms. Now my own children go to school in Fontana, & how things have changed. Even from the time my daughter, now a jr. was at live oak to my sons, currently attending. I’ve witnessed our community lose its community, the effects are very upsetting. Especially when you realize no matter what you do, the schools hold a lot of the responsibility. When, I say schools, I don’t mean just teachers. At that point I decided to make a difference for the kids in my community, because after all our success depends on each other.

I know you (The Board) think that you did a good job by hiring Boozer, but there are many of us who would definitely disagree. I’m not sure why people who never step foot on our campuses or rarely interact with our kids can decide what’s best for them. Especially when the people who are there with our children speak, you don’t listen. What happens when the people who feel the effects of your decisions come to you, and ask you to just stop and listen. Listen to your community your teachers your parents, the very people you are supposed to represent. You are supposed to be our voice.

The 5 of you (Board) make life changing decisions up there. You hold 40,000 student’s education in your hands. This is the beginning of their lives and if we mess this up they don’t get a second chance, if they fail we’ve failed. Look around, we are failing.

Its ok, not to know something. Because information changes all the time. it’s how you chose to handle it. Either, by making uneducated decisions or take the time to educate yourself. A couple years ago, I didn’t know the education laws like I do now. I didn’t know how to read the LCAP. 4 mo. ago I didn’t even know what privatization of education meant, but I do now.

Which brings me to our future. A future where the same mistakes are made? Or a future where you hire a superintendent that cares about our kids. Cares about their success & the success of our city. Bringing in an outside search firm to find an outside superintendent is not what our students need. We need a superintendent that not only works here, but would be proud to send their own kids to school here. Because how many administrator’s kids go to school in Fontana, that speaks volumes to your intentions with our district if you won’t even send your kids to school here.

It’s like if you need a babysitter for your kids, and I who have never met them know nothing about them, pick their babysitter for you. Would you want that? No, you would want preferably someone who knows your children, someone who you know. Right? So why aren’t our kids just that important? Important enough to take the time to find a superintendent whose investing in our children’s success, someone who is going to spend every dime possible on the students & our schools, not on consultants and traveling. We need a superintendent who knows the importance of Fontana school police officers on our campuses, not unarmed security. We need a superintendent who fights for what’s right for our kids every day, not just show up at a board meeting once a month. A superintendent who won’t accept an unbalanced budget from someone (Bassett) who has worked here long enough to get it right. A superintendent who visits their schools when there’s a problem, not ignore it. Because every problem is a problem and should be addressed.

We need to put the community back into our community. We need to bring everyone together, to find the best person for our children’s education. Do any of you currently have children in a Fontana school? Because I do & it matters to me. I know there’s a question of keeping applicants private. But why, these are our children we are talking about. The only reason they want to stay private is so people can’t do their research before they get hire. Or they don’t want the place they currently work for to know. Well there is something wrong with that. Because had anyone goggled or done any research on Boozer, you would’ve known the consulting firm moved her before she was fired from Chicago. To then, present her to you with a perfect resume. But no details of her negative past. The same search firm that you allowed to come in & paid to be Boozers Mentor in the beginning of her employment. The same firm that presented Boozer to Dublin as a wonderful candidate. Boozers resume is stacked, but unfortunately it’s not all true. With the help of the search firms, these bad superintendents just keep getting passed around. Because the company & the superintendent are associates or prior alumni. Because if you still think Boozer left because she was engaged, you really shouldn’t be sitting on the board because it shows how gullible you are.

Barbara Chavez has definitely got to go!!!

Barbara Chavez didn’t always seem so bad. Back in the day when she started, I think she had good intentions. Especially with the Hispanic community. But somewhere along the line she’s changed. She is very rude and careless about our students best interest. Her  chair on the Board is going to be up for reelection NOV 8TH 2016.Dont take my word for it watch board meetings on line at